The “Destroyed by 50” starter pack: how not to train if you love your joints

The “Destroyed by 50” starter pack: how not to train if you love your joints

Ever wondered how to accelerate the aging process and guarantee a mid-life full of aches and creaky joints?

Fear not, for I have concocted the perfect recipe for disaster, or as I like to call it, the “Destroyed by 50” starter pack. It’s proven, it’s effective, and it’s hilariously catastrophic for anyone who dares try it.

Step 1: make heavy lifting your only year-round goal

Forget seasons or cycles. Your muscles will love the monotony of year-round strain. Ignore the subtle (and sometimes loud) cries for rest – they’re just signs of weakness, right? After all, who needs functional mobility when you can barely bend down to tie your shoes due to back stiffness?

Step 2: warm-ups are for wimps

Jumping straight into heavy lifting without a warm-up is like driving your car hard without letting the engine warm up on a cold day – what could possibly go wrong?

Step 3: diet and sleep are overrated

Who needs a balanced diet and plenty of sleep when you have sheer willpower? Fuel your workouts with caffeine and adrenaline and sleep a mere five hours – recovery is for the weak!

Step 4: pain is just fear leaving the body

Why stop training when you’re in pain? It’s probably nothing a little (or a lot) of ignoring won’t fix. Push through it; your body will thank you later (or maybe it won’t).

Step 5: clinicians are for crises

Regular check-ups with a healthcare provider? That sounds like something responsible people do. Wait until you’re limping – then it’s time for a tune-up.

Step 6: follow elite athletes blindly

Copy the workout routines of top athletes because obviously what works for a professional will surely work for you. Individual needs and context don’t matter much, right?

Step 7: every workout must be high-intensity

Why settle for moderation when you can go all out, every single session? Your adrenal glands might not agree, but who listens to glands anyway?

If you’ve followed these steps diligently, congratulations! You’re on the fast track to becoming a physical wreck by your 50s. But let’s park the satire bus for a moment and talk seriously.

Many fitness enthusiasts, especially in their younger years, adopt extreme training philosophies that promise fast results but often lead to long-term health issues. It’s crucial to remember that sound training isn’t about extremes; it’s about balance, listening to your body, and applying principles that enhance your health without breaking it down.

At Prime40, we advocate for training smarter, not harder. Our approach is about sustainable fitness, incorporating varied exercises, proper warm-ups, good nutrition, adequate rest, and regular check-ins with professionals to ensure you’re not just fit for now, but for life.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to avoid becoming a cautionary tale – it’s to thrive at every age. If you’re ready to train with longevity in mind, come see how we do things differently at Prime40.

After all, isn’t it time your fitness routine got as mature as you are? •

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