About Inner City News

In February 2021, the inaugural edition of Inner City News hit the stands. This local newspaper was established to serve the locales of East Melbourne, Carlton, and Parkville within the City of Melbourne. Its mission is to keep residents and businesses well-informed about local developments, share compelling stories, and advocate for the community on crucial local issues.

Published monthly, Inner City News distributes 14,000 printed copies throughout East Melbourne, Carlton, and Parkville, as well as at specific outlets in neighboring suburbs. Hyperlocal News founded Inner City News, and the media group also manages sister publications in Docklands, Southbank, the CBD, and the city's north-west region (North & West Melbourne, Kensington, and Parkville Gardens). Sean Car owns and publishes Inner City News.

The primary responsibility of Inner City News is to keep the community informed about events, news, and changes in the area. It serves as a trusted source of information for residents, workers, and visitors within the inner-city catchment of East Melbourne, Carlton, and Parkville. Essentially, Inner City News represents the voice of the inner-city community.

Publisher - Sean Car

Journalists - David Schout, Georgie Atkins, Jack Hayes (business), Brendan Rees

Photography - Hanna Komissarova, Maria Vasileva, Ajay Vishanath, Marcela Lehocka

Production/Design - Amy Frost, Kate Fooke

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Meet Our Team

Sean Car

Sean Car | Publisher

Over the course of 10 years, Sean has devoted himself to reporting local news in the City of Melbourne, with a focus on Docklands, Southbank, and the CBD. Prior to this, he served as a broadcast journalist at WIN News in Shepparton. Beyond his journalistic endeavours, Sean oversees a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to community development in Malawi and Uganda. As a proud Melburnian and the owner and managing editor of Hyperlocal News, Sean harbours a profound passion for understanding community dynamics. He acknowledges the crucial role that local journalists play in fostering and nurturing these communities.


Jack Hayes | Business Editor

Over the last four years, Jack has played a crucial role at Hyperlocal News, wearing various hats as the marketing and distribution manager, while also fulfilling responsibilities as the business editor and journalist. By combining his proficiency in both journalism and marketing, Jack contributes a distinctive skill set to his position at Hyperlocal News. 


Brendan Rees | Journalist

From 2021 onward, Brendan has been an active contributor to all five publications, immersing himself in compelling stories featured in Docklands News, CBD News, Southbank News, Inner City News, and North West City News. His distinct passion centres around enhancing local narratives, a commitment most evident in his work with North West City News, where he fervently engages with the communities these publications cover. Brendan's rich experience in local media is underscored by his notable roles at the Herald Sun, Star News Group, Dimboola Banner, and his international exposure with the Ghanaian Times.


David Schout | Journalist

With over three years of committed service, David has been an unwavering and passionate journalist at Inner City News. His extensive media experience spans both Australian and international landscapes, contributing to a diverse array of publications such as The Guardian, Herald Sun, Leader, ESPN, and Wisden



Rob Moore | Parkville Association


Jeff Atkinson | Carlton History


Ian Ada | Carlton Rotary


Barbara Francis & Rus Littleson | We Live Here


Cory Memery | Public Housing Residents' Network


Ellen Sandell | State MP


Adam Bandt | Federal MP