Take the ultimate two-week challenge

Take the ultimate two-week challenge

Get ready to be inspired by Katherine’s extraordinary journey in the heart-pounding chaos of Prime 40 Personal Training’s Chaos Week. 

With unwavering confidence and a passionate spirit, Katherine embodies the transformative essence of this exhilarating team challenge. Join us as we delve into her captivating story and witness the remarkable impact that Chaos Week has had on her life.

Chaos Week in our gym is a team challenge that takes place at the start of every season. We are given a list of activities with associated points which we are encouraged to do every day. 

Among the activities we can do is walk, cook a recipe from our very own gym cookbook, arrive in the gym on time, measure our heart rate through the Myzone monitor, do our gym classes and wear a team colour while training. 

We celebrate the end of the challenge with a team meal at a restaurant that everyone votes for.

Scores are tallied at the end of the day which is posted to our WhatsApp group. It has been such an enjoyable experience. The camaraderie of the entire gym is tested to its limits through the varying photos of meals prepared, steps counted and even the cheat meals and drinks that some do during the competition.

I am not a competitive person but the two challenges I have participated in, brought out a different side of me that I didn’t think was imaginable. For two weeks, I consistently prepared all my meals, exercised more, and challenged my personal best. I have contributed the highest points for my team in both instances.

I mention this because, just as I feel like I have achieved the best outcome for myself for two weeks, it is so easy to revert to unhealthy habits. When I’m tired or stressed, I tend to snack, not exercise, or eat too many sweets.

Four times a year, the studio provides a recalibration of mind, body and spirit that I believe is necessary. It’s a reminder on what little adjustments can be made to achieve lifelong habits. Through it all, Chaos Week is all about everyday discipline and accountability across food, sleep and exercise habits. 

At Prime 40 Personal Training, located right here in Carlton, through the leadership of Kane Hamilton, every member is provided with a personalised program that caters to a person’s fitness level. Each class is made up of a maximum of four people. 

I have seen Kane’s passion in helping others achieve their fitness goals translate into the focus he provides each person, at every class. 

Chaos Week is like no other challenge. It nurtures each individual with every effort they bring to the challenge. •

It is truly one of the best experiences I’ve experienced from a gym, and I can’t recommend it enough. Join the two-week challenge and see what difference it can bring to you!

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