Good fitness habits start at home

Good fitness habits start at home

It’s a strange time to be in the fitness industry; the fitness landscape has changed dramatically since I first stepped inside a gym over 10 years ago. 

Back then, Netflix and UberEATS were unfamiliar concepts, smartphones and social media remained a novelty, and exercise was mainly focused on those few hours each week at the gym.

A lot has transpired since then (exacerbated during COVID) that made it far more demanding to maintain good health.

Working from home has become normalised along with binge watching TV; incidental movement is rare; stress levels are skyrocketing; sleep is poor; step count is low ... it’s no surprise really that looking after both our mental health and physical wellbeing now requires much more than just two to three trips to the gym each week. 

The rise of remote work has given us more flexibility and time than ever before, but it’s also created a unique set of challenges that doesn’t bode well for our future health.

Scrolling through your phone in bed or watching your favourite streaming service while indulging in your go-to comfort food, all the while sitting for hours on end without moving a muscle.

Add in the stress of work and the knowledge that you haven’t been sleeping well, and it’s no wonder you’re feeling low on energy with aches and pains throughout your body. 

But the impact of these habits extends far beyond just discomfort – it’s a recipe for metabolic disaster and longevity.

At Prime40, we understand the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle on health. That’s why we offer a unique training program that focuses on both in-gym training and reworking behaviours outside the gym.

Meet Andrew; one of our Prime40 members who came to us feeling defeated after years of lockdown. He was carrying extra weight, struggling with low energy, and experiencing knee pain when running. 

Andrew thought training three days a week would be enough to get him back on track, but it wasn’t until he made some fundamental changes to his lifestyle that he truly saw progress. 

Our team worked with him to clean up some unwanted lifestyle habits, and the results were astonishing. Andrew lost his waistline, gained energy, and his knee pain disappeared. At 46, he is running personal bests – pain-free – and is stronger than he has ever been before.

Prime40 has helped Andrew transform his life, and we can help you do the same. •

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