Getting stronger for life at Prime40

Getting stronger for life at Prime40
Jack Hayes

Kane Hamilton from Prime40 Personal Training has a simple maxim by which he guides his clients: “be strong, not tired.”

It’s a motto that underpins his business and training program that specialises in getting his clients of all ages off the couch and back doing the things they love. 

“I’m very big on people pursuing a range of activities and hobbies. We’ll always be there for someone who wants to enjoy a new hobby or get back into something they used to enjoy,” he said. “If that’s tennis, running, hiking, basketball or golf, we put you in the best position to achieve your goals.”

“Whether you have never tried sport or a certain activity, or you think the hill is too big to climb to get back into something you once loved. You just need to take the first step. There is no downside to being stronger, there are only benefits.”

“People are becoming more educated with the benefits of strength training, and we want to provide a comfortable and welcoming platform for people to get off the couch and moving.”

While catering for all ages, Mr Hamilton, who has recently taken he keys to a new studio which will open on February 10 at 1/164 Cardigan St, Carlton, has specifically designed programs to build strength and conditioning for middle aged locals. 

The new studio allows him to put more emphasis on cardio and conditioning, allowing him to train the “heart and develop greater longevity” for his clients. 

“I wanted to create a program for locals who are over 60, which is very different to the programs I run for the over 40s. A bigger space and new studio will allow us to do that.”

“You don’t train to get better at exercise, you train to get better at life. To improve the quality of life for all my clients.”

“The more you put in the more you get out. It’s a lifetime commitment, rather than just a week, a month, or a year.” •

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