Choose your health journey

Choose your health journey

Fitness, for many, is a quest for personal bests and pushing limits. But as life unfolds, our perspective shifts.

My own journey, balancing a new studio venture, family life with two young kids, and a myriad of other commitments, has reshaped my understanding of fitness. It’s no longer about being better at exercise; it’s about being better at life.

The youthful zeal of “pushing the roof” gave way to a more sustainable approach – “pulling the floor.” This means focusing on foundational strength, the kind that supports everyday life.

It’s about training that doesn’t leave me depleted but energised, ready to face life’s challenges head-on. Now, I train not for the sake of training, but to enhance every aspect of my life.

In this phase of my life, “pulling the floor” is my mantra. It’s about maintaining and incrementally improving my base level of fitness. This doesn’t just keep me physically fit; it keeps me mentally and emotionally grounded.

The days of constantly pushing my limits are on pause; I’ll return to them when life allows. But for now, consistency and foundational growth take precedence.

This philosophy is something I share with my clients at Prime40. I often remind them, “Not every day is a diamond.” There are days when our members arrive stressed or tired, yet they show up.

This consistency, this dedication to laying a strong foundation, is more valuable than any record-breaking day. It’s about understanding that we’re training to be better at life, not just better at exercise.

So, if you’re seeking a fitness approach that aligns with the complexities and demands of real life, that’s what I strive to provide. It’s not just about the numbers on the weights or the speed on the treadmill. It’s about a balanced, sustainable approach to health and fitness, where every session adds to your life, not just your exercise routine.

In a world where the mantra often is “go hard or go home,” I invite you to a different philosophy; one where you train smart, listen to your body, and find a balance that works uniquely for you.

Because, at the end of the day, the true measure of fitness is how well it prepares you for the joys and challenges of life itself.


Kane Hamilton is the owner of Prime40 Personal Training, Carlton. •

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