Action begins in Parkville

Action begins in Parkville
Rob Moore

It is hard to believe we are in March! However, there is action on many issues facing Parkville residents.

For those unaware the City of Melbourne has online portals for its suburbs and the Parkville neighbourhood portal is a wonderful way to catch up with Parkville matters.

If there are issues or opportunities the portal gives residents the ability to express their views. Many good ideas come from comments received!

This month the council is conducting neighbourhood surveys and our neighbourhood partner Nas Mohamud is not only encouraging residents to comment but is holding pop-ups in Parkville to meet and discuss issues in person.

Nas is a great supporter of Parkville and a dear friend; she will be in Parkville on Saturday, March 2 at Cafe Tesorina (Piccolina), 52 Morrah St for a complimentary coffee and chat from 9am to 11 am and also at Nature Play on Flemington Rd on March 5 from 3pm to 5pm. Go along, meet Nas and talk about the wonderful things in Parkville. Thank you, Nas, for coming out to us!

Early this month members of the Parkville Association, Friends of Royal Park and the Royal Park Protection Group will be given a review of the Royal Park consultation outcomes. Your associations will give you the details.

This will be a great opportunity to hear the thinking of the review and to express your views prior to the completion of the full survey. Our views are very clear: we want Royal Park to remain a natural park where flora and fauna thrive and we can enjoy the beauty of nature!

In late March the council will be holding a meeting with residents to discuss their thoughts on traffic and the management and safety of the increasing volumes. I will confirm details once known to all in the Parkville Association. This will be a critical meeting as volumes are increasing and the safety of residents is paramount. 

March should also see the reopening of Grattan St. We have lobbied extensively, and we are hoping some rat runners will disappear once the road is reopened. We will need this given the likely influx of traffic once the West Gate Tunnel opens!

In other exciting news, the Parkville Station is nearing completion and this means that Grattan St, Royal Parade and University Square are all being cleaned up and the final plantings and landscaping will take place.

As a member of the Community Reference Group with Metro for the past seven years it is actually amazing to see the work nearing completion. This time next year we should have trains running!

In other news Naughton’s tipping competition is open for business. I will be trying to win it again, however, that will depend on our local team, Carlton, doing very well! We mustn’t forget they played their first few games in Royal Park!

Finally, a very big welcome back to the students at Melbourne University and the Colleges. O Week is great fun for the students. It is a joy to see the fresh faces wandering the campus and our streets exploring the area. We welcome all, particularly those from overseas. A smile from us helps them settle in! •

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