A new accessible tram stop for Parkville

A new accessible tram stop for Parkville

Parkville will soon have an accessible tram stop on Royal Parade, making it easier to get to hospitals and the University of Melbourne.

The tram stop is part of construction work for the future Parkville Station and will make it simple to switch between tram and train services when the Metro Tunnel opens in 2025.

Crews will work around-the-clock in late November to build the new tram stop on the corner of Royal Parade and Grattan St – the current stop 10 for number 19 trams.   

During this period buses will replace Route 19 tram services between Queen Victoria Market and Brunswick Rd.

Drivers and cyclists on Royal Parade won’t be affected. There will be some diversions in place for pedestrians to keep people safe.

More detailed information on the disruption will be available on the Big Build website bigbuild.vic.gov.au.

The new accessible tram stop will replace both existing stops 10 and 11, as the new stop will be large enough to accommodate passengers who would usually board a tram at Royal Parade.

The new tram stop will have raised platforms to allow easy access for wheelchair users to low-floor trams, as well as shelters and service information.

When Parkville Station opens in 2025 it will include a pedestrian underpass allowing people to cross under Royal Parade from Melbourne University to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute without waiting for traffic lights or passing through Myki gates.

Work on Parkville Station is rapidly progressing, with crews building footpaths and bike lanes, landscaping and relocating services around the station’s main entrance on Grattan St. There will continue to be changes to the way people move around Parkville as this work continues.

Underground, station fit-out is well under way, with passenger information screens, accessibility points and bench seats installed on the station platform. Crews are putting the final touches on canopies above each of the station entrances.

Parkville Station will provide a direct train connection to Melbourne’s world-class health and education precinct for the first time, making travel easier for the thousands of healthcare workers, students, patients, and families that travel to Parkville every day. •

Smelling history

Smelling history

November 29th, 2023 - Sylvia Black
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