What a crazy month it has been

What a crazy month it has been
Cory Memery

Firstly, a little bit of self-indulgence … I want to congratulate my beautiful, awesome and inspiring daughter Brittany and her equally inspiring partner Erin on the birth of their little girl Dior (my first grandchild).

What a feeling it was to hold my granddaughter for the very first time, in that moment it felt like myself and Dior were the only thing existing. Dior is absolutely beautiful, and I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and many fun and exciting ventures with her.

Melbourne Awards Breakfast

It was another amazing morning to be invited to this annual event that honours our fantastic people and organisations that contribute and make Melbourne the best place in the world. I felt very overwhelmed to mingle with so many previous award winners, in various categories.

Being presented the “Community Champion 2020” award has changed my life so much for the better. It has opened so many doors and inspired me to do even more for my community and more specifically for public housing residents.

Nominations are now open for this year’s awards, so if you know someone or an orginisation that has done amazing things in your community, please nominate them and get them the recognition they deserve. The nominations are open until June 30 @cityofmelbourne and #melbourneawards.

Federal Election

Wow! Australia hasn’t only spoken, it has screamed. Congratulations to the Albanese Labor Government on its victory (if you can call it that). 

The shift away from the major parties is a kick in the butt for them. Communities came out and voted for alternatives that are listening to the real issues in society, climate change, homelessness, cost of living, housing availability and many other things. All we got from the major parties was insults, and the same old blah blah blah.

The story of the Prime Minister growing up in public housing gives us hope that he will see the desperate need for more public housing (not social), but Labor’s current policies do not support this concept. 

Anthony Albanese’s comment “reach for the stars”, stating that no matter where you come from, or whatever upbringing you have, anything is possible. It sounds all nice and promising, but in reality, there is a decrease in public housing. I still have hope that the Labor government will change and listen to what Australia is yelling at them. 

Open Day at Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC)

In the middle of last month I attended to open day, it was a fantastic day, with the major event being the “Falafel Off”. During the day I spoke to City of Melbourne’s Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece about the current issues involving the desperate need for public housing. He said to me that he thought the government’s policies with the Big Build were a great thing. Nicholas Reece was previously editor of The Big Issue – I thought he would have a better understanding of housing issues.

Estate Issues

Where are the private security doors for 495 Cardigan St, Carlton, that were promised by Homes Victoria and Minister Wynne in a letter sent to residents of the same building in November last year? This letter said that the process of installation would begin in February or March this year. Nothing has happened, another broken promise. We deserve more respect.

Security problems are a huge issue at this estate, we feel we are being ignored. After a meeting over Zoom in September last year with Minister Wynne, where he heard our issues, but I don’t think he listened to them. I personally bumped into him in Lygon St, I asked “what is going on with the security doors at Cardigan St?” His response was, “COVID, COVID”. I said that was crap, and he promised me to my face “I will get onto it”. This response is not good enough, do what you have promised.

I want to encourage everyone to join us every second Friday of the month at 4.30pm for a peaceful protest out the front of Minister Wynne’s office at 196 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, to allow our voices to be heard about disrespect and ignorance of what is the reality of the effect of building more on existing estates. There are better options.

Thanks all. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments or feedback. •

Man charged following Carlton death

Man charged following Carlton death

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