We’re back!

We’re back!

After such an uncertain year, full of stops then starts, online then in-person activities, it looks like we are going to end it with a flurry of face-to-face gatherings and activities. 

We are currently working out how the remainder of the year will look for the East Melbourne Neighbour Network (EMNN) activities and social gatherings.

Health and wellbeing programs are set to resume from November 8

This of course will be subject to all the usual permissions being in place. We will resume most of the classes that we ran before the last lockdown. There have been waiting lists for pilates classes, so we will also try a pay-as-you-go class on Tuesday mornings if we get enough interest. 

EMNN now has a permanent home at the Powlett Reserve Community Room

We have confirmed an agreement with the City of Melbourne that gives the group the main licence for the space. This will give us much greater certainty and allow more flexibility to increase the range of our activities. A beginners bridge class is one of the extra activities on our list for next year. If you have any ideas, contact us to share them so that we can plan for the future. 

EMNN Swap & Share Stand

The stand has seen a continuous flow of fresh herbs, lemons, flowers, and plants going from one generous neighbour to another each weekend. Books and jigsaws, children’s DVDs and books as well as lots of novels have changed hands over the weeks the Swap & Share Stand has been going. We will invite people to add goods to a Christmas Hamper Box to be donated to a local charity a little later in the year. 

Proof of vaccination

Our new normal will require proof of vaccination to enter many venues, Powlett Reserve included. The whole MyGov website set-up, linking to Medicare and downloading the certificate can be intimidating. We are running help groups to assist members to upload their vax certificates onto their mobile phones. Please register your interest with Susan or Ann-Maree on the email address below and we will send you a list of the documents you will need to bring with you for your session. These will be one-on-one sessions to help each individual with their own personal mobile phone.  

Kids Holiday Hunt

Held last school holidays in the Fitzroy Gardens, the hunt was a great success, and we hope to make it a regular holiday event. We discovered that we have an unexpectedly large and increasing number of young families living in East Melbourne. It was wonderful to see the happy children running around the hunt trail counting, naming, and finding the items on their lists. Discussion has already begun about the possibility of a summer Holiday Hunt for the end of the year.

Neighbour Network Morning Coffee

A meeting had looked to be out of the question for the remainder of this year due to the large number of attendees we usually have. Now with vaccination numbers rising so quickly we may well have at least one Christmas gathering in the Darling Gardens before this unpredictable year is finally over. We look forward to this opportunity to gather and celebrate.

New ideas are sought from the community as we seek to provide additional meaningful, fun, and engaging activities for all age groups. Any resident of any age who would like to get involved – the EMNN would love to hear from you (email [email protected]). Your ideas and involvement will help strengthen our community and enhance the health and wellbeing of your neighbours •

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