Wenhao Li and Eleven take on Melbourne together

Wenhao Li and Eleven take on Melbourne together

Since relocating to Melbourne from Brisbane to pursue his studies, Wenhao Li has found solace in the company of his 10-month-old Corgi, Eleven.

“A lot of my friends are still in Brisbane, so when I moved here I decided I really wanted a dog,” Wenhao Li told Inner City News.

Currently navigating the lively antics typical of puppies, Eleven finds the most joy in playful nibbling.

“He just bites everything at home. When I buy something new and put it out, he just thinks it’s his and bites it,” he said.

“I took him to the off-leash dog park and he was chasing the other dog’s feet trying to bite them – he’s so curious about everything.”

Having just finished his final exam, Wenhao Li is enjoying getting to spend more quality time with Eleven, particularly during their walks through Carlton Gardens together.

“When I was at university and felt stressed out about studying for exams, the only way that I would feel de-stressed would be with my dog. He’s a great study companion.” •

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