Tucker wins the hearts of locals

Tucker wins the hearts of locals
Brendan Rees

Tucker, the loveable purebred Border Collie, has effortlessly embraced the inner-city life.

His friendly demeanour and stunning brown and white coat have also made Tucker a popular furry friend “and great connector” in the Carlton and surrounding area.  

“We have a lot of social housing, and we have a lot of people that are disadvantaged, and he seems to have an uncanny sense that when somebody could do with a hug, he literally puts his paws around their legs and hugs them,” his owner Ronnie said.

“I’ve had people say, ‘this dog has made my day’.”

During his outings, the two-year-old loves a walk at the Carlton Gardens, while beach runs at Sorrento at the Mornington Peninsula are another favourite pastime. 

“If he’s got a ball there’s nothing will deter his focus.”

While he may be full of energy, Ronnie said Tucker was great for her own health and wellbeing, adding “there’s no question we do our 10,000 plus steps with him.”

And why the name Tucker you may ask?

“The breeder gave him the name and it turns out that it’s perfect because he loves his tucker, he loves to eat. He also loves to exercise until he’s totally tuckered out.” •

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