Thousands of students gather for O-Week festivities

Kaylah Joelle Baker

Students from all over the globe were seen to be basking in the excitement of Melbourne Orientation Week ahead of semester one starting on February 27.

Located in the heart of The University of Melbourne’s Parkville Campus is the new Student Precinct, where the start of the school year kicked off with a SummerFest.

Presented by the University of Melbourne Student Union, the four-day block day party was a major drawcard of O-Week, with tens of thousands of students seen to be smiling, chatting, and celebrating.

Many international students, who make up 40 per cent of the university’s total student population, were also seen to be making the most of the new school year abroad.

Designed as an opportunity to make new friends and understand uni life, the SummerFest had everything from music performances to a free barbecue, fun workshops, a sporting carnival, stalls for different student society clubs, lawn parties, and campus tours.

“Our students were able to participate in more than 230 events this week, and our Discover UniMelb program will keep the festival atmosphere alive and help students feel at home on campus throughout the semester,” University of Melbourne Provost Professor Nicola Phillips said. •



Get to know two international students at O-Week – Gloria Yang and Frankie Fu ...


When did you arrive in Melbourne?

G: I’ve been in Melbourne for one year but over the summer holiday went back to China, and just arrived back here one week ago.

F: I have been here for half a year.

What course are you studying?

G: I am studying Finance and am actually a Monash University Student but came with my friend.

F: I am studying Education to be a principal. I study here at The University of Melbourne.



What are some cultural differences you have observed?

G: I think Australia is more free than my hometown, and everybody can show their personality here and feel the university culture, and for overseas students it’s a good chance for us to study here.

F: I really like Melbourne because everyone is smiling. In some Asian countries people don’t like smiling, that’s the biggest difference I’ve noticed.

What do you like to do in Melbourne?

G: The weather here is very good, and Melbourne is near the sea and I love the sea. I always see the sun and go to the beach, which is very good for me.

F: I really like Melbourne and I like travelling in some national parks, I like going hiking. •

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