The latest from Parkville

The latest from Parkville
Rob Moore

Firstly, many thanks for the good wishes following my accident. One realises what an incredible village we live in when so many care! All is good now, hence my October column.

In Parkville, September is always an exciting time when Carlton is involved in the finals. We have mixed football support here, however we should remember Carlton played its first games in Royal Park and are the most local team! By the time this goes to print we will know how they finished!

During this month I have had several calls regarding the increase in “rat running”, which is an ongoing subject. However, Gatehouse St certainly qualifies as one of Melbourne’s new car parks. 

This is not a peak hour or weekday event, as on weekends often traffic is gridlocked through the suburb. Had the East West Link been better designed that would have taken traffic away, but regardless, there must be a solution. 

As we are all aware the Westgate Tunnel is finally nearing completion and once traffic reaches Dynon Rd it can be guaranteed to try to filter through Parkville. Trucks and buses are banned but ignore signage. It is just not Gatehouse as often Story St is congested trying to exit into Gatehouse. All Parkville streets have their issues.

In November the construction of the tram super stop on Royal Parade at the corner of Grattan begins. When complete the inner lanes of Royal Parade on the corners of Grattan will be for trams only, again where will the traffic go? 

It is essential we act on this with council and there will be a meeting early in October to stress the problems that are occurring due to increased traffic volumes. Hopefully the opening of Parkville Station late next year will enable students and bio-medical precinct workers to travel by train, but cross city traffic has nowhere else to go.

For those that have not seen the stunning storyboards in Barry St, they are now completed. 

Entitled Triangular Dimensions, the installation runs from the corner of Grattan St up Barry St. It covers the history of Parkville and its diversity. This is all covered in the article by Teresa Scalise in this newspaper. 

Go visit, you will learn many different things about our wonderful suburb!

Have a wonderful October. •

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