The jewel in D.O.C’s crown

The jewel in D.O.C’s crown
Jack Hayes

When D.O.C Pizza and Mozzarella Bar opened on Drummond St more than 10 years ago, there were few restaurants in Melbourne that gathered the same level of hype.

There were lines 40 to 50 metres up Faraday St just to get a table, reservations were only offered for large bookings, and the place was bursting at the seams – that was just the way they liked it.

On any given night 700 to 800 hungry customers would walk through their doors.

What was bringing these hordes of locals, visitors, foodies, and lovers of culture from all parts of Melbourne, and Australia, to this little pocket of Carlton? It was one of, if not the, best slices of pizza, in the city.

Fast forward to today, and almost nothing has changed … besides the introduction of a sophisticated booking system.

There is still the same undying dedication to sourcing the best produce Italy has to offer, from DOP (Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta) tomatoes to the country’s finest, cloud-like mozzarella.

There is still an authentically Italian approach to hospitality; it’s loud, it’s busy and it welcomes you in with open arms.

Above all else, there is still an incredible slice of pizza to be had.

Giulio Falleti, manager of D.O.C Pizza and Mozzarella Bar, told Inner City News that while the days of queues down the street may be gone, the same philosophy remained.

“D.O.C has always been a true Italian restaurant,” he said. “A place where Italians come to get their pizza, have a drink and enjoy themselves.”

“We have to keep our consistency. We work with suppliers both in Italy and Australia to bring their products and give something new to the customer.”


We are forever changing the menu. We are adding four new pizzas, which include a four-cheese pizza, boscaiola, which is a pizza from the north, and even a meaty pizza, almost a meat lovers, but a bit more refined.


While the new additions are sure to freshen up the menu, it is almost impossible to venture past their signature: the DOC.

It is simplicity at its finest. Four to five ingredients only: San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh DOP buffalo mozzarella and basil on top, with a drizzle of olive oil.

According to chef Gabriele Torre, just about the only thing that doesn’t come from his homeland is a few specific meats and cheeses, which, because of laws introduced tomanage customs concerns, cannot be imported from overseas.

“We are always finding new producers to get the very best we can,” Mr Torre said. “Last Italian summer I went and met the largest importer of flour in the country.”

“We understand we can’t always sell our regulars the same pizza, they want something new, they want something different, and we see that as an exciting challenge.”•

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Caption: D.O.C’s Gisell Gallo, chef Gabriele Torre and venue manager Giulio Falleti.

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