The half-blood prince of Carlton

The half-blood prince of Carlton

Four years ago, Koda was adopted from Pet Rescue by his owner Chun.

Koda has a mysterious background, as people only know that half of his bloodline is Siberian Husky, but they don’t know where the other half comes from.

His hair is short all year round, and his ears hang down naturally, giving him a cute appearance.

“Koda is enjoying life at Carlton. There is a park nearby and there’s nature strips around as well that he can run around in,” Chun told to Inner City News.

“He is very friendly as well with people and dogs.”

Koda has a very good personality and, according to Chun, he is a clingy dog. He is not wary of people and is willing to lie down and let people touch his belly.

As for playing fetch, Koda only plays on Koda’s terms …

“Koda really enjoys playing fetch at the nearby dog park, but only one way,” Chun said. “I throw the ball and he runs after it, but he doesn’t bring the ball back.”

Asked to describe Koda in three words, Chun said, “fun, friendly, and diva”. •

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