The great love story of Tofu and Bruno

The great love story of Tofu and Bruno

When Tofu the Japanese Spitz and Bruno the Jack Russell cross locked eyes at Royal Park some years ago, they knew they were going to be friends.

Little did their owners Zech Loh and Christabelle know, they were also destined to be together.

“Both dogs became friends at a dog park and we eventually started seeing each other,” Christabelle said.

The couple and the two pups now live together and still frequent Royal Park, as well as their other favourite spots at the Queen Victoria Market and Lygon St. 

“The dogs have played a significant role in grounding us into the lives that we have today,” Christabelle said.

“They are a part of our family and we include them wherever possible, bringing them bar hopping and on road trips.”

Bruno, though small in stature, makes up with his fearless and loving personality.

Tofu on the other hand, is incredibly loyal but also very talkative, barking at anything that looks suspicious or out of place.

Christabelle said that the two had become best friends since living together.

“The dogs swap food bowls after each meal and always clean up after each other’s crumbs and leftovers,” she said.

“They also love lazing around together.”  •

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