The best MCG seats in the house are officially opened to the public

Kaylah Joelle Baker

Fine dining with a view is taken to a whole new level when it comes to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) dining rooms and now, thanks to a recent partnership, the experience has become one for all.

Appointed for a seven-year term by Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) as the MCG’s hospitality partner late last year, Delaware North started making the large stadium its own from February this year.

Delaware North is a global award-winning leader when it comes to hospitality, venue management, and food service, and to help expand the MCG’s reach they have partnered with a multitude of chefs to create elevated menus and experiences.

Among one of the main attractions is the recent partnership with renowned Italian chef and foodie Guy Grossi in the Committee Room.

A hidden secret until now, the Committee Room by Grossi is not only an experience to be enjoyed and marvelled upon by MCC members, but also any non-members seeking an elegant dining experience.

While reflecting on the new initiative that will see his home-inspired dishes on the tables of many visitors, Mr Grossi gave a nod of approval to being at the MCG.

“It’s a fantastic setting with [the] backdrop being the beautiful, hallowed ground of the MCG,” he said.

From oysters served with a fennel pinzimonio dressing to cured kingfish pizzaiola, and wagyu bresaola with stracchino cheese and pickled vegetable giardiniera, it is clear to see the antipasto dishes are just a glimpse of the mouth-watering delicacies to come.

Before going onto the secondi selection, it is an Italian must to spend time indulging on the pasta dishes on offer, and with Mr Grossi’s own personal favourite, duck and porcini mushroom tortellini, on the menu there really is no room for complaints.

“One of my favourite things on the menu is the tortellini with pear, and just a hint of duck through it – and it came from an accident really,” Mr Grossi said.

“We had some left-over roast duck one day and decided to create a pasta dish out of it, and it’s been a staple ever since. It’s like eating a roast duck dinner, but in a beautiful tortellini – a pasta parcel – what a great package.”


The culinary experience only continues the further you work your way down the menu into the secondi selections. All around the $40 mark, the dishes are giving you your money’s worth in flavour. From King George whiting fillets rolled up with a breadcrumb, pine nut, and sultana filling, to another one of Mr Grossi’s specialities known as the Abbacchio alla Romana – wet roasted lamb shoulder with white wine, parmiggiano, rosemary and sage.


As a venue that requires a long attendance, the Committee Room by Grossi is the place to sit back, look out at the grounds and wait until you are ready to finish the meal with some dessert.

“If you are a sweet tooth, you can’t go past our world-famous tiramisu. It was my mum’s recipe, and we haven’t ever changed it,” Mr Grossi said.

Brought out in a wide bowl, and carefully cut by the welcoming and inviting staff that continue to make each visitor feel at home, the tiramisu provides a feeling of home comfort and is of the highest quality.

The Committee Room by Grossi is open Tuesday to Friday for lunch from 12pm, and in true Italian-style they ask for visitors to make the most of their attendance through lingering over the lunch that is cooked with love, and to make memories with family and friends. •

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