Thank you, Melbourne

Thank you, Melbourne
Adam Bandt

Thanks for putting your support in me, and the Greens, again. I will work hard to honour the trust you have again given me.

This city is incredible. By electing the first Greens MP 12 years ago, we started something here in Melbourne which is gaining momentum across the country. 

Across Australia, communities are electing strong, independent voices that will fight for them. In the Lower House, in the Senate – everywhere, more and more people are voting Greens, and thousands of people voted Green for the first time.

There are more Greens MPs in the House and the Senate, and we also saw a flood of independent members elected in seats where the government had ignored the community.

The community is getting heard in Parliament, and I am so grateful for your support. 

Together, we cannot be ignored. Together, we are powerful. Together, we can phase out coal and gas, we can tackle inequality and we make this country a better place, for all. 


We’ve survived some tough times. The past two years of doom scrolling and remote schooling have been hard. But through our sacrifice, we saved thousands of lives. By working together, we kept each other safe.  


Now, together, we have kicked out the horrible, Morrison government. They were so arrogant; they ignored our questions about their lack of integrity and climate policy and refused to take people’s concerns seriously. They’ve paid the price for denying the climate crisis. 

They ignored women, ignored people of colour, and ignored renters and people who were struggling to get by. They’ve been dealt a harsh, but deserved blow, being wiped out across our city, and in the capital cities across the country, by more Greens, and more women who have won with a commitment to tackle the climate crisis and restore integrity. 

I cannot wait to have them join me on the cross bench and to work with them to clean up politics and drive climate action.  

Sitting in Parliament during the past few years, it was striking how the Liberals were only there for themselves. They were entitled and arrogant. There was no agenda for the future. 

Politics doesn’t have to be like this. This election, people have seen that they don’t just have to vote for one of the old parties. We can have more. Politics can work for the people, not just for vested interests. 

We want action on the climate crisis. We want the billionaires and big corporations to pay their fair share of tax. We think dental and mental health should be part of Medicare, and we should make childcare free for all. 

And that’s what we will fight for. We won’t stop fighting until we tackle the climate crisis and inequality. This is the fight for our future. 

The majority of people in the country are decent, good people. We have shown people this election that there’s another way. 

And you, Melbourne have led that. I hope I can make you proud. •

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