Supporting women’s health 

Supporting women’s health 

For many women, juggling busy lives, careers, parenting duties and competing priorities means their healthcare needs are slipping further and further down the “to do list”.

No. 1 Women’s Health has established a multi-disciplinary one-stop clinic for women’s health and medical needs with on-site general practitioners, gynaecological management,
fertility expertise, pregnancy, and antenatal care all under the one location.

Based in East Melbourne, No. 1 Women’s Health compliments the important work of leading fertility clinic, No. 1 Fertility, run by fertility specialist Dr Lynn Burmeister, who has worked in obstetrics and fertility for more than 20 years.

In addition, No. 1 Women’s Health has a specialist women’s health and fertility dietician and offers holistic and alternative therapies including acupuncture and cupping therapy.

“With the everyday demands of a career and a family, working women often don’t prioritise their health the way they should. The fast pace of life means they may be putting additional stress on their bodies and be at risk of physical and mental burnout, chronic disease, or mental ill health,” Dr Burmesiter said. 


At No. 1 Women’s Health, we have made it easier for even the busiest of women to get the healthcare and support they need with multiple services.


“We recognise that when it comes to healthcare, there are a number of women’s health issues that are specific to females, so that is why we have established a dedicated service so women, particularly young women, feel comfortable and supported in accessing the care they need.” 

From pregnancy and childbirth, to menstruation, women’s related cancers and menopause, the expert team at No. 1 Women’s Health can help. The service can also assist with routine procedures, including skin checks, breast checks, pap smears, sexual health advice, contraception, IUD insertion and removal, iron infusions and minor surgery.

As part of its dedicated service, No. 1 Women’s Health offers complimentary nurse phone chats to provide initial advice about the best individualised treatment options available before patients are referred to a general practitioner.

No. 1 Women’s Health is co-located at Level 1, 120 Jolimont Rd, East Melbourne, with its affiliated partner No. 1 Skin.

To book your appointment at No. 1 Women’s Health, call (03) 9132 9644.

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