Phone app helps communities stay cleaner, safer and more effective

Phone app helps communities stay cleaner, safer and more effective
Carol Saffer

 Snap Snap Send Solve is a free app that simplifies community issues across Australia and New Zealand.

Community members no longer have to phone and wait on hold to report a problem to their local authorities.

All you have to do is take a picture of the subjecy and Snap Send Solve does the rest.

The app identifies your location and sends it to the local authority in the area for the matter to be received, noted, and responded to in due course.

One Parkville resident recently put the app to good use.

They had noticed that rubbish bins were permanently left outside a property in Jageurs Lane, which runs between Degraves and Gatehouse streets.

Frustrated with the lack of neighbourly duty to take their bins into the Jageurs Lane property, the resident heard about the app, downloaded it, and snapped away after the bins were emptied.

The app identified the area as being under the City of Melbourne’s jurisdiction and consequently forwarded the information.

To the delight of the app user, within two days, council officers had visited the property, placing A4 sized yellow stickers across the lids of the offending rubbish bins.

The council has the authority to fine the bin owners for non-compliance with a bylaw or remove the bins.

“It’s a brilliant app, and the response was amazing,” the community member said.

It is noted that with the coming introduction of a fourth rubbish bin, property owners and residents may face the problem of lack of room to store all the required bins within a property •

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