Pet’s Corner: Rathdowne royalty

Pet’s Corner: Rathdowne royalty

Alysce and her family at Senserrick Green Grocer love serving the freshest produce to the Rathdowne Village community; however the fruit and veg aren’t the only thing that keep customers coming back.

Five-year-old bearded collie Queenie is one of the street’s most well-known residents.

“She owns the street, she just manipulates people,” Alysce said.

While Alysce is hard at work, you can often find Queenie soaking up the sun on the footpath or making friends with the neighbouring shop-owners.

“She’s trained everyone to feed her on the street. She goes up to the ice cream shop, to the deli, she goes everywhere. North Cafeteria brings over coffees for us, and ham for her.”

Queenie’s relaxed and gentle nature is what makes her so loved among the Rathdowne community, even when she gets a little too comfortable.

“We’ve got residents that live upstairs and in summer she broke into the house, and we couldn’t find her. She pushed the door open, we found her lying on their couch with the fan blowing on her,” Alysce laughed.

“That’s probably her most famous story, I had the whole street looking for her.” •

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