Patience and consistency makes for a cool and calm cavoodle

Patience and consistency makes for a cool and calm cavoodle

Three-year-old cavoodle Cooper is the “Arthur Fonzarelli of dogs”, according to owner Steve Ostwald.

“He’s super chill and everyone who comes into contact with him loves him,” Steve said, while Cooper lay beside him chewing a stick at Princes Park.

“He gets sleepovers at friends’ houses. He’s that relaxed he doesn’t need me all the time.”

Steve was able to gauge Cooper’s laidback temperament by taking him out four times before officially buying him from the breeder.

It’s an unusual practice, but one that Steve recommended to other prospective dog owners.

“After I’d walked him twice around [the breeder’s] place, and then went to puppy school, and then asked if I could have him the next day, she did roll her eyes at me, going: ‘Really?’” Steve laughed. “But he’s been great.”

A combination of good character and good training has meant that Cooper rarely gives Steve any grief. Cooper is Steve’s seventh dog, all of whom could walk busy streets without a leash.

“It’s about patience and consistency,” Steve said of his training ethos.

“There are ways around everything with dogs, especially even aggressive dogs.”

His passion for dog obedience brought Steve as far as the USA to study under celebrity “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan.

Unfortunately, the administrative nightmares of travelling during a pandemic meant Steve had to return home before completing the course.

Cooper has been a comforting companion while Steve dealt with this setback. He’s also a testament to Steve’s natural talents raising happy and confident dogs •

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