Passionate people in Parkville

Passionate people in Parkville
Rob Moore

Since the Royal Park Masterplan review was announced much work has gone on behind the scenes presenting the case for retaining our glorious Royal Park as a “dark park”.

On Saturday, March 16, more than 40 concerned individuals filled Walmsley House in Royal Park to listen to a review given by the City of Melbourne’s senior open space planner Alicia Otto and manager of open space planning Fiona Finlayson.

Alicia presented a very thorough overview of key points raised in the various surveys and on-site meetings which enabled a robust discussion to take place with those attending.

It was the first time in many years that members from the Royal Park Protection Group, Friends of Royal Park and the Parkville Association had gathered over a shared interest! Protectors of Public Land secretary Michael Petit was also in attendance.

The overwhelming outcome from those in attendance was to leave Royal Park as it is!

Discussions took place about lighting and most agreed that Poplar Rd could do with some additional lighting, however, clearly there is adequate street lighting on surrounding roads to enable safety. The flora and fauna of the park are the most important residents!

Nowhere in Australia is there such an inner-city natural park. It makes Melbourne so special and must remain untouched. Often, we bump into friends from across Melbourne that have travelled to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of Royal Park.

The Masterplan should be presented to the council by August which is very important given the local elections in September. Cr Rohan Leppert was also in attendance as an observer and given he is retiring from council in September this needs to be finalised during his term.

On other local matters there will be a further traffic survey in April followed by a residents’ meeting with the council team responsible for traffic to talk “rat running” and safety in our suburb.

During April, Grattan St will reopen! Hopefully some of the traffic we have been experiencing will use Grattan St. It has been a long battle, but the council has supported us in ensuring Grattan reopens.

Finally, the Naughtons tipping competition is in full swing. I am trying to win back-to-back, but the competition is intense! 

Have a great April. •

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