Parkville’s heritage

Parkville’s heritage
Rob Moore

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all. I am thrilled to advise that the City of Melbourne (CoM) is about to commence a Heritage Study of Parkville.

I have had discussions with the CoM’s team members lead by Ros Rymey. There will be extensive consultation with community and the Parkville Association. This fits in superbly with the planning and leading into our sesquicentennial in 2023. Any resident interested in joining our working group please contact me as soon as possible at [email protected].

We are very fortunate to live in probably the best example of a Victorian suburb in Victoria. Sadly, a couple of older gardens in the early fifties were sold and replaced with apartment buildings. Ninety-eight per cent of South Parkville is still as it was built from 1873 onwards. As part of the study the Council is interested in any buildings from the early fifties. I find that interesting as I consider them new however maybe that’s an age issue.

On the subject of heritage and development the building at the corner of Morrah and Royal Parade was built as a guesthouse in 1924.  Some view it as modern but it is almost 100 years old. Parkville Association members are aware that the building has been purchased and the new owner wishes to redevelop the site as a medical centre. The Parkville Association and at least 26 residents have objected to date as the development is not in keeping with our wonderful Victorian suburb. I can be contacted for further information.

On the social side the Association Christmas dinner was held at Naughtons with over 60 attendees.  A wonderful evening of hospitality and conviviality was had by new and long serving members. Our Party in the Park schedule for early May has been postponed until November 20, 2022 when hopefully we are starting to consign Covid to history.

For Parkville residents who do not belong to the Association we are a group of over 200 members that enjoy the community and the heritage of the area. We have close ties with Royal Park and Melbourne Zoo. Our Parkville Heritage Walks App available from any app store covers our history and has several walks both in the suburb and the Park •

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