Parkville Association through June!

Parkville Association through June!
Rob Moore

As we grow the Association’s life gets a lot busier particularly with the development at 35-39 Royal Parade. As this is a feature issue this month I will let that story convey the message. Suffice to say on Saturday morning there were more professors on the Parkville side of Royal Parade than at the Uni!

In June I attended several meetings on behalf of the Parkville Association. Melbourne Metro Community Reference Group had its bimonthly meeting where there were some exciting videos of the new station platforms where rails will be built very shortly. Having been a member of this group since pre-construction, it is exciting to see the actual station take shape. Not wanting the next three years to fly, however the thought of catching a train from Parkville is incredible!

The North Melbourne Police Community Consultative Committee (PCCC) met and Brunswick MP Dr Tim Read attended to, among other things, discuss some drug-related issues. The group, which I chair, covers Carlton, Parkville, Kensington, Parkville Gardens and North Melbourne. 

The PCCC has an objective to monitor crime, manage safety, and bring police and the population closer in a positive way.

Leading Senior Constable Nick Parrisis has a full-time role giving talks and working with many of our local schools and residential towers in his area. School camps have had remarkable outcomes where the kids have formed great relationships with the local police. Following that Melbourne West and Melbourne North held their first Neighbourhood Policing local safety meeting at Victoria Police Headquarters in Spencer St.

This group is covering a larger area with clear objectives to make the city safer through communication from the community discussing current and emerging safety issues.

Any issues you wish to raise please email me [email protected]. The police do an incredible job, and this initiative is to bring back the feel of local policing.

Following that we had the current quarterly meeting of the presidents of residents groups with the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor.

The meeting focused on safety and homelessness, traffic, cleaning, planning and heritage and community engagement. Clearly for Parkville at the moment the heritage issue is very important, and we look forward to the publication of the heritage review which took place in April.

We are also excited to welcome Nelson Alexander as the sponsors of our Parkville News which was delivered over the weekend of June 25-26 to Parkville residents. Their sponsorship enables us to publish quarterly and brings old friends Nick West and Tom Roberts into the association as members. We look forward to developing the relationship further over the next few years!

Finally, although strictly the other side of Royal Parade, it is great to see the Carlton Football Club sitting nicely on the ladder. For those of you who have moved to Parkville since 1995 Naughtons Hotel has always been the location where Carlton has started its premiership celebrations. Hopefully Ryan Moses (landlord of Naughtons) will enjoy being part of that sooner rather than later! •

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