Not your “run of the mill” designer

Not your “run of the mill” designer

Operating out of East Melbourne, Karmaidea Studio Design owner Franca Lepre has been offering interior development, personal shopping and events services since 2019.

Describing herself as a “Jack of all trades”, Ms Lepre said that she loved working with her clients to make the home a unique space to remember.

“I’m a niche designer, I don’t like run of the mill, normal items and would rather something that’s more eclectic and personal,” Ms Lepre said.

“If you go to a shop designer, they always have their own pieces in mind that they’re going to try and sell you, but nobody should have only one brand in their home.”

Inspired by 20-years of working in Italy, Ms Lepre has a range of interior design knowledge that has seen her design everything from beach houses and ski houses, to gardens and commercial developments.

Ms Lepre said that aside from her European influences, she was also inspired by Balinese outdoor settings.

“It’s always about how we’re going to make this space work, who is going to live here, whether they want English tapestries or a more laidback feel,” Ms Lepre said.

“There are so many different settings that make people feel different ways.”

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