New 40km/h speed limit rolls out in East Melbourne

Brendan Rees

The City of Melbourne is lowering the speed limit across several roads in East Melbourne in a bid to improve safety for all road users and pedestrians.

A new 40km/h speed limit will be rolled out from mid-September which was approved by the Department of Transport (DoT) and supported by East Melbourne residents.

The speed limit will be reduced on all roads that border Wellington Pde, Spring St, Victoria Pde, Hoddle St, and Nicholson St – which surrounds the Fitzroy Gardens and Treasury Gardens.

The initiative is part of the council’s Transport Strategy 2030, in which it will work with the DoT to achieve a “consistent maximum speed limit of 40 km/h” on local roads across inner Melbourne, “delivering changes at a neighbourhood scale”.

Electronic traffic signs will be displayed at different locations to advise motorists of the new speed limit.

Drivers may also notice yellow and black “New Speed Limit” signs for at least six months after the launch.


“Lower speed limits reduce the likelihood of crashes by reducing the vehicle stopping distance, giving all road users more time to identify and react to hazards and reducing the likelihood of people losing control of their vehicles,” the council said.


The 40km/h limits have already been introduced across most of the municipality, including Domain Parklands (2017), South Yarra (2017), Hoddle Grid (2014) and Parkville (2013).

A new 40km/h speed limit is expected to be rolled out in North and West Melbourne during 2023. 

The East Melbourne Group’s planning convenor Greg Bisinella said residents were pleased with the outcome, after being actively involved in consultation.

“For several years the EMG with Susan Henderson and now Jen Owen [vice president and amenities convenor] have been working to support the implementation of this important initiative,” he said.

“We do see this as a way of keeping our members and residents safe and ensuring that the neighbourhood remains a quiet residential place to live.”

Mr Bisinella said they were also pleased they did need to “navigate our way through the issue of traffic calming measures” like speed humps, road narrowing, and bike lanes.

“Our focus now turns to compliance and how the 40km/h zones will be policed to ensure that motorists comply with the limits.”

The news was also welcomed by locals on social media after a photo was posted of the new speed limit.

“The way people turn off Hoddle St and speed down the side streets is a bit scary sometimes. We are almost on a corner and trying to get the kids in and out of the car is a bit hair-raising at times,” one wrote.

“Hopefully next will be 50km on Wellington Parade! Bit scary crossing there sometimes,” another wrote. •

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