Need help becoming an author?

Need help becoming an author?
Carol Saffer

Writer and editor Tania Chandler describes writing as a lonely endeavour.

To help overcome the isolation and offer constructive feedback to fellow scribes she facilitates the Writers Workshop at the Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre.

“The purpose of the weekly workshops is for members of the group to share their work and receive positive-focused feedback from their colleagues,” Ms Chandler said.

Ms Chandler is well qualified as an author of three books published internationally, with her latest All That I Remember About Dean Cola out in June 2021.

“I have been running the workshops for five years and find that the members, due to the solitary pursuit of writing, need and welcome the connection; support and advice is what they want,” she said.

At present there is a core group of between five and 10 writers, in the 50-plus age bracket, only one of whom is a woman.

“They write novels, short stories and memoirs, all with the goal of publication.”

“I don’t give tough feedback, mine is given with love.”

Ms Chandler will occasionally conduct writing exercises in the class or discuss plot methods or how to express points of view.

“What the writers want and receive from the group is peer-to-peer support.”

She sees the purpose of the workshop is to celebrate the power of the written word and to develop confidence through practice and friendly discussion.

“Our writers have been published widely, and I dare say the group is one of the longest running writers’ groups in Melbourne (or at least Carlton); one of our members has been attending for 30 years.”

The workshops are open to aspiring, emerging and experienced writers.

Writers Workshops are held on Monday afternoon from 1.30pm to 3.30pm during school terms at the Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 20 Princes St, Carlton North •

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