Ms Frankie’s unique approach comes to Carlton

Ms Frankie’s unique approach comes to Carlton
Carol Saffer

The red brick facade and the green wooden doors and windows are still in place at what used to be Thresherman’s Bakery at Faraday St, Carlton.

Ms Frankie, an Italian pasta bar, has taken over the bakery building remembered in its heyday as a favourite watering hole for uni students hanging out drinking on the footpath.

Co-owner Ionna Sakellaropoulos said the restaurant was named after her business and life partner Melinda Aloisio’s family namesakes, her grandparents Francesca and Francesco.

“We opened the original Ms Frankie in Cremorne in 2017,” Ms Sakellaropoulos said.


After a big strip out and a considerable community comment on the Carlton building, which had been vacant since 2018, we have thrown open the doors on our new 300-seater creation.


The format and menu are like the Cremorne original just on a larger scale.

Ms Sakellaropoulos said they didn’t see other Italian restaurants in Carlton as competition.

“What we have is unique.”

The menu focusses on Italian cuisine with the pasta made in front of the diners.

“You can’t see this unless you go to Bologna,” Ms Sakellaropoulos said.

There are more than 10 pasta and risotto dishes on the menu.

Meat and fish lovers are not neglected with three choices each of carne and pesce on the list.

Ms Sakellaropoulos describes her role in the partnership is that of designer. She doesn’t use architects or interior designers, relying on her skills to imbue her spaces with a feeling of energy and hospitality.

The only original Thresherman’s items kept and refurbished for the new fit-out are the bar stools and the pendant light fittings.

“Everything you see is considered and then because of my sort of energy I want [our patrons] to feel it when they walk in.”

Ms Aloisio takes care of the financial and governance requirements of the business.

While the name Frankie comes from Ms Aloisio’s family the Ms symbolises their relationship in business and life.

“It’s a great combination that works really well,” Ms Sakellaropoulos said •

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