More than 150 objectors and still climbing!

More than 150 objectors and still climbing!
Rob Moore

Many thanks to Inner City News for its great article on the proposed development at 35-39 Royal Parade and the residents gathering last month. We now have more than 150 objections to the development.

I have spoken to Heritage Victoria and other interested parties, and all are watching with interest. Currently, the council is waiting for the developer to respond to questions. We are constantly monitoring!

The Parkville Association held its annual Christmas in July function at Naughtons Hotel on July 25. With more than 60 in attendance, a great night was had by all. The spirit of the attendees was wonderful and new members were welcomed and made to feel part of our wonderful community.

Although part of the inner city, Parkville, whether south-east or west, is a village and a very inclusive suburb. This year we have widened the group to include students. They are a vital part of our community, and it is quite amazing how many retirees living in Parkville moved in as students and are still in the suburb!

Great things are happening at the Parkville Station site with the gantry cranes now removed and the legacy reinstatement program starting soon. There will be more to come soon but the plans for gardens along Grattan St will be quite amazing.

On the subject of Grattan St, the council have not finalised the plans for the reopening of the street. There have been rumours it may remain closed and for bike and bus use only. The council will advise us of plans when they are finalised but for residents of Parkville, Carlton and North Melbourne as Grattan St is a vital gateway to Carlton. For those that have travelled around College Crescent on a wet day or during peak hour it can take more than 30 minutes to get to our local shops. While some of our residents shop in Barkly Square others like to support Carlton due to our historical links and also of course as fellow City of Melbourne residents! 

Early August Participate Melbourne will report through a meeting at the Town Hall on the C384 Planning Scheme Amendment inundation overlays. This includes part of Parkville focusing on the proposal that would introduce, modify or remove some properties from a flood overlay. We have lodged a response to the proposal as frankly there should be no issue for Parkville particularly if the council manage the and update drainage in Ievers Reserve!

The proposed bike lanes on Royal Parade have been delayed until later in the year while some issues are resolved. This will enable issues raised by the Carlton Football Club to be addressed as it has concerns regarding the parking issues adjacent to Princes Park.

Finally in August there will be a Safety Summit with the Presidents of Residents’ Groups at the Town Hall. From Parkville’s perspective clearly the increased use of scooters on our pavements is an issue. Scooters are great if ridden correctly but used on pavements are dangerous. There have been more than 100 incidents on Melbourne’s streets since their introduction and it is important we all feel safe walking around Parkville.

Enjoy August and I am sure we are all looking forward to spring in Royal Park! Watch out for the Maggie’s! •

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