Miniature and active  


It’s hard not to feel tempted to just tag along and play with these two cherubs in the park. 

Basil and Clover love running around freely at Princes Park when they get the chance to, especially on a nice sunny day where the skies are clear, and the grass is green.

Carlton local and construction planner Shern and her good friend Jac (a nurse) have had their Miniature Schnauzers, for the past two-and-a-half years and love their company.

“They love to tussle around with each other,” Jac said, as their four-legged friends ran around, soaking in the sun one July afternoon.

“They are such great companions; the centre of our lives,” Shern said.

These Schnauzers never bore, always taking the opportunity to snag food left behind by the Princes Park students, spending time in the beach and tagging along to the pub with their owners. 

“I think she takes after me” Shern laughed, when talking about her trips to the pub with Basil. 

When asked what they loved about Princes Park, Jac said she loved that she and Shern could take their Schnauzers to a place where they could run around freely, and they made the most of it.•

Man charged following Carlton death

Man charged following Carlton death

February 28th, 2024 - Brendan Rees
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