Melbourne Museum hosts Bricktionary exhibition

Carol Saffer

An interactive exhibition of Ryan McNaught’s best-selling book The Bricktionary: The Ultimate A-Z of LEGO, is now at Melbourne Museum until January 29, 2023.

The display, filled with more than 150 models, boasts six interactive build zones, giving everyone the chance to become a master builder.

Ryan McNaught said his latest book Bricktionary was a true A-Z of cool LEGO models and, most importantly, ideas.

“There is no better way to inspire the builders of tomorrow than by showing them in person, and of course [encouraging] getting their hands dirty, with the millions of bricks we have for them to build with,” he said.

Visitors can create their very own LEGO models, learn about how to make their builds stronger and test their skills against the Earthquake machine.

Mr McNaught was three years old when his grandmother gave him his first LEGO toy.

“I remember it was a blue boat and I sat with my grand-dad on his chair: I was hooked,” he said.

From anime to animals, fashion to fantasy and tabletop games to TV shows, there will be something at the exhibition to inspire everyone to grab their bricks and get building.


Museums Victoria CEO and director Lynley Crosswell said Melbourne Museum had always been a place for families to play, learn and explore their creativity.


“We are thrilled to launch this interactive LEGO brick experience and look forward to welcoming families through our doors to experience the wonder of Bricktionary,” she said.

The presentation is designed as a collaborative experience, offering an exciting creative expedition for families, children, and adults alike.

With brand-new hands-on challenges and featuring over one million bricks, participants will learn how to turn LEGO dreams into reality, with amazing creations and something to spark everyone’s imagination.

Mr McNaught said the giant space shuttle at more than five metres high seemed to be the most popular item at the exhibition.

“I think it has had a million selfies taken already.”

Mc McNaught said 50,000 people attended Bricktionary on the Gold Coast earlier this year from April to August.

“The tickets sold out quickly and I’m sure it will be the go-to destination here in Melbourne,” he said.

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Caption: Ryan McNaught.

Photo: Murray Enders.

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