Magic Festival casts its spell over Melbourne

Magic Festival casts its spell over Melbourne

Melbourne Magic Festival (MMF) will return from July 1 to July 13, promising an exciting line-up of mind-blowing local and international magic acts.

Be amazed as Melbourne transforms into a magical hub this winter, featuring exclusive events, workshops, and live performances suitable for all ages; from family-friendly to adults-only.

With almost 200 performances of 45 different shows, the MMF is the largest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting magicians and magic fans from far and wide.

The 2024 festival will also see international guest Hector Mancha takeover Arrow on Swanston with his solo show, This is Not Magic.

“I started magic when I was bitten by a wizard as a child, from there I got powers,” Hector told Inner City News.

“The show This is Not Magic is about the internal struggle of an artist in a society fractured by the repression of the self … just kidding! In reality, it’s about explaining tricks and having a great time with everyone.”

Hector is a multidisciplinary artist with expertise in a variety of fields, including card magic, comedy, manipulation, parlour magic, pickpocketing, and shadow puppetry.

While looking forward to “meeting the people of Melbourne and hugging crocodiles”, Hector admits that the process of getting ready to perform comes with its challenges.

“To prepare for the show, I usually spend three months in Tibet in deep meditation and then I usually do a month-long marathon in the Sahara Desert – then I am ready for the show that night,” he said.“It’s a very, very idiotic and very funny show, where the one who has the best time is me.”

Established in 2008 by the Australian Institute of Magic, MMF was born with a dual purpose; to provide the people of Melbourne with access to world-class magic performances in a theatrical setting, and to offer performers a platform to showcase their art through captivating shows.

The festival is also produced and funded by performers themselves, providing an important platform for local artists to showcase their talent. •

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