Looking ahead in East Melbourne

Looking ahead in East Melbourne

As the East Melbourne Group (EMG) traverses its way through its 70th year, one’s mind turns itself to what has been achieved and what the future looks like

Despite the enormous societal changes from 1954 to 2023 it is interesting to note that the issues we are facing today have a very similar theme to those of yesteryear.

At its essence is what appears to be a disconnect between residents and government – what residents want and what our elected representatives support. 

We undertake our civic duty by voting for candidates to represent us, yet we find much of our time is spent fighting, advocating, and cajoling to get what we want. On many occasions, despite overwhelming community support, we are forced to accept decisions that are the antithesis of what we want.

This is none more evident when it comes to heritage protection and development. However, it also expends to quality-of-life matters such as noise disturbance from aircraft, graffiti, and litter and how we transport ourselves in and out of our homes. 

Is it that our aims are inconsistent with the wider community or that our elected representatives are more aligned to stronger vested interests?

However, it is not all pessimistic.

The role of strong community organisations has proven to produce better outcomes for those they represent. East Melbourne’s parks, gardens, heritage buildings and streetscapes, and amenity has been improved as a direct result of the efforts of the many volunteers who have devoted their time, money, and expertise to the community over the past 70 years.

To celebrate our 70th year in 2023 we will be holding a gala dinner and community events. Please contact us at [email protected] or at emg.org.au if you would like to join in and have contribute to our community building efforts. •

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