Latest from Parkville

Latest from Parkville
Rob Moore

Walking the streets of Parkville and Carlton during lockdown (while exercising!) I am amazed at the state of bicycle lanes constructed quickly and becoming accidents waiting to happen.

On Swanston St, at the corner of Monash Rd, the kerbstones hurriedly placed to create a cycle lane are constantly hit by cars. The picture today says it all!

This makes it difficult and dangerous for both cyclists and cars. There is no signage and, when in traffic, it is quite easy to come across them at the last minute. At the corner of Flemington Rd turning into Gatehouse St, the same issue arises and I have seen several incidents when new sumps will be required!

The well thought out management plans like William St work well so we can only hope Vic Roads look at this situation urgently before a serious accident happens.

In spite of lockdown since the last edition of Inner City News, the only major issue that has arisen in Parkville has been the planning permit being required for major renovations to “Tasma” at 34 Park Drive. Most residents know it as a boarding or half-way house but in the late 1800s and early 20th century it was high society in Parkville. There was a magnificent garden (now apartments) and a ballroom which still exists.

The rebuild plans are still in front of the council’s heritage experts which is important given the building’s importance to Parkville. We are so fortunate South and West Parkville are covered by a heritage overlay and very proud to live in such an historic area. Those new to Parkville may not realise we celebrate our sesquicentennial in 2023.

Sadly, there’s not a lot more news! For members of the Parkville Association, annual subscriptions are now due. We extended last year’s until June 30 this year so in future we run from July 1 until June 30. Newsletters are currently being distributed during exercise time!

Lockdown is very difficult for those living alone and in conversation with some of our residents, it can be extremely lonely. In Parkville we have a great sense of community, however, if we all think of our neighbours we can make life a little more bearable for those without family or friends nearby.

In the meantime, I would love to share a poem by committee member Anne Phefley …

Well virtual hugs will have to do.

We will comply this virus to subdue
How strange that hand washing and distancing too Have reduced the impact of normal flu
It seems we did not wash our hands
We went to work with germs hanging around
Will we still be diligent when things calm down Or will unsafe practices again abound
No hugging when sick, stay well away
I hope these things will stay in play
But now it is time to all pitch in
This is a war we have to win •

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