La Mama launches winter program 

Kaylah Joelle Baker

Despite stepping down from her role as CEO and artistic director of La Mama earlier this year, Liz Jones continues to show her love for the indie theatre through the curation of its winter program.

It’s a program she is sure visitors will “find very exciting”. 

Speaking with Inner City News, Ms Jones said she was “enjoying [her] life at La Mama very much” since the change in her role and has been making the most of it.

“I still enjoy my involvement, and it really enables me to experience and love the art that is happening,” she said. 

“The experience of La Mama is quite unique in terms of its intensity, and all these works [for the winter program] are cutting edge works and all new works, apart from Cactus which we are bringing back because it’s such a splendid work.” 

La Mama’s winter program began with The Melbourne Festival of Puppetry, which will continue until October 8. 

Between the Primary Season list of shows and the La Mama Explorations, visitors can expect a full season of more than 60 events. 

“It’s a very diverse program,” Ms Jones said. 

“Along with [the Primary Season of shows] we have our Explorations, where every three nights there will be a new show. It’s like a potluck, and they’re usually quite short and cheap, but still very exciting, intense, and off-the-wall.”

Following the success of ADA and the sold-out season of Garage Girls, the program moves on to the “beautiful and moving” I said this to the Bird from August 2 to 13, the successful Cactus from August 16 to 27, and My first bike from August 23 to 27. 

“For My first bike, Maude Davey has written the text and Jane Bayly has written the songs, and they have been working together for about 40 years on-and-off,” Ms Jones said. 

“They are two of the finest women working in theatre in this country.” 

The month of September then opens with Piano (in seven parts) from August 31 to September 2, and Developers make shit neighbours from September 6 to 17, before Celebrity, from September 20 to October 1, wraps up the season. 

“I am really delighted to see Suzie J. Jarmain [performer, writer and producer of Celebrity] come back to the stage herself,” Ms Jones said. 

“Her solo performances are quite brilliant, and she is extraordinarily intelligent in the way she explores the evil, wonder, and amazement of celebrity.”

Following the winter program, Ms Jones will be back curating the spring program as well. •

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