Issues in Parkville

Issues in Parkville
Rob Moore

May has been an extremely busy month with our new committee working very hard on heritage, traffic, community care and communications.

Nick Morrissey has taken some paternity leave and to Ryan Moses and Sunny: many congratulations on the birth of their daughter, Juniper.

It is most energising to have new members join our experienced team and feel the energy they bring to the table.

There is one major issue that has arisen. The building at the corner of Morrah St and Royal Parade and sold last July is proposed to become a dermatological clinic. Since December plans have been lodged with the City of Melbourne and following discussions with the council are scheduled to be advertised in early June.

The Parkville Association objected to the original plans and will continue to do so. It is very important as many residents as possible let their feelings be known as the building is a very important intra-war development having been constructed in 1923.

The works include the total demolition of the building other than the facade on Royal Parade. Facadism clearly does not replace the heritage of this great example of 1920s architecture.

It was originally a guest house and is a fine example of intra-war architecture. As you may not be aware South Parkville is covered by a heritage overlay and while originally this was due to our glorious Victorian homes, buildings like this one which is 100 years old next year should also be covered.

I will be briefing Parkville Association members, however, if you are not a member and want further information, please feel free to email me [email protected].

There are also major works to be completed early June on Royal Parade with the installation of a new bicycle lane on the eastern side. This will cause little impact to traffic and ensure safety of the hundreds of early morning cyclists.

The only area of concern we have is that there will be no parking between College Crescent and Haymarket between 7.30am and 9.30am. There are 60-plus spaces of meter parking which will now not be available prior to 9.30am.

The council has promised more vigilant parking management in South Parkville. The northern part of the exercise will not be completed until late October when the construction at the Carlton Football Club is completed. 

There will be a very exciting newsletter out in June and in July for our members there will be our traditional Christmas in July at Naughtons.

In the meantime, enjoy the start of winter! •

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