How nature became the secret to Nefysi’s success

Kaylah Joelle Baker

Within every bottle of Nefysi’s health and beauty products is a remedy given to its customers by the earth itself, and a promise to disrupt the over-complicated market.

Founded by Helen Zygouris, Nefysi is a brand that is all about going back to the basics, so much so that she does all the sourcing, creating and testing of her products at home.

“I am fortunate enough to have a second kitchen at home, and so at the moment I have my own lab at home where I take my products through rigorous testing, and do my own microbial testing,” she said.


Everything is intentional, and everything is made from scratch using all natural ingredients.


From humble beginnings, the product line has continued to grow, with everything from natural bar soaps and bath bombs, to relaxing shower steamers, hair masques and shampoo bars.

It is most renowned, however, for its skincare range, with the Lidanon multitasker cream serum and the deeply hydrating Ambrosia repair concentrate balm among the favourites.



While the products are Australian-made and make use of many of our country’s natives, they also have many ingredients that are sourced from Greece.

As an Australian-born with Greek heritage, Ms Zygouris has a strong passion for products that represent everything she loves and stands for.

“The products represent the best of both worlds,” Ms Zygouris said.

“I believe that thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks used skincare and made their own from the plants, herbs and oils around them, and over time we have lost a lot of that.”

“For me, it is just about going back to nature and using beautiful ingredients to nourish our skin.”

This interest in paying attention to how we nourish our skin, just like we nourish our bodies, all stems back to Ms Zygouris’s deep love for her children.

In 2013, she gave birth to her two youngest, twins Nefeli and Chrysi, at just 25 weeks, which meant they had to be confined to the hospital for some time.

This left Ms Zygouris feeling more determined than ever to find the best ways to look after her children and ensure they had the best chance of recovery.

“I had never really paid much attention before to what was in natural baby products, but because the twins had been so compromised already, I wanted to do everything I could to protect them,” she said.

“So, I started making my own soaps and creams, and then overtime I thought, ‘there must be other people that are like me’. There is so much on the market that is really confusing, and I wanted to start a brand that was honest.”

This honest approach has seen Ms Zygouris’s brand continue to grow, and she has formed many great relationships with customers at Lygon Court. She has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to help all who walk through the doors.

She even offers free facials to customers who are interested in trying the products, as a way for them to see the benefits first and foremost.

And, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, Nefsyi has compiled special gift packs for locals wanting to spoil Mum. •

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