Heritage review presented

Heritage review presented
Rob Moore

I recently attended the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) meeting where the heritage review for Parkville was tabled and adopted by councillors.

For those interested the review can be found on the City of Melbourne website. It gives greater heritage protection for several key buildings and looks at Parkville in four different areas. South Parkville, where the majority of homes built in the 19th century has stronger protection with several new properties given greater heritage status.

The main thrust is that intra-war buildings are now given heritage protection. Given we are now about to be in 2024 many intra-war buildings are more than 100 years old and significant to Melbourne’s history.

Ironically, 35-39 Royal Parade, where based on Ray Osborne’s excellent work we presented the building as “significant”, the review stated the following:

“Assessed as a Significant place within [streetscape] part of a well-preserved group, shows some signs of alterations. Of some architectural interest. Typology previously unassessed. Unusual place type in precinct – high historical merit from a similar period or style. Of social value to the precinct.”

Many thanks to the two leads, Ros Rymer and Suellen Hunter, from the council on the project. Sadly the review is not retrospective, however, it justifies the passion Ray showed for the project!

During the month Rob Krelle and I had a couple of meetings with the council department responsible for traffic. Our key discussion points were “rat running”, volumes of traffic, safety, and parking.

The council does not treat closures as the answer but is more about making traffic move slower through the flat speed humps and pedestrian crossings. All these measures would ensure traffic cannot speed, yet they would not get rid of the volumes we encounter. 

For those who were at our annual general meeting (AGM) in March 2020 pre-COVID (just) the Lord Mayor canvassed a 30kph speed limit which would ensure our children and grandchildren would be safer playing on our streets. We will be canvassing members on this shortly and also Parkville residents overall.

At our AGM everyone in attendance gave support to the idea. While yet to be implemented outside the CBD this can be done and particularly in South Parkville and around the Avenue it would make life safer. 

I would like to know the views of residents so if you can please email me at [email protected]

As I write this column the super stop for trams is being constructed on Royal Parade either side of Grattan St. It is very necessary given the proximity to the hospital and will enable wheelchair access to the Number 19.

It does unfortunately push all traffic into the outer lanes which makes vehicle access from the smaller streets a little difficult, however, it’s a small price for helping those needing trams to be easily accessible.

One of the key discussion points at our meetings was the desire to make the city more walkable … that is good! But back to my recent columns, that means respect from all users particularly cyclists and scooter riders!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all seasons greetings and a very happy 2024! •

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