Here we go again!

Here we go again!
Rob Moore

As I started to write this month’s column, I was planning a very full week of meetings. Then, midnight locked us down for a further seven days, how quickly life in this COVID world can change!

In Parkville we still have the Parkville Store and the post office, however, Naughtons closes again as does Mink. To Juliette, good luck and thanks for looking after us once again! 

Walking through the university today on the first full day of lockdown there were film set caravans everywhere, lights, cameras and crew. They apparently had an exemption to film a new series of a US program La Brea. Researching this it apparently is about a “massive sinkhole mysteriously opening up in Los Angeles in an unexplainable primeval world alongside a disparate group of strangers.” I continued my walk carefully, no sinkholes to be found!

The walks through Royal Park will not change and, of course, the university walks will be student free again! Many of you will have noticed the new bicycle lanes being constructed around our suburb. The one at the corner of Flemington Rd and Gatehouse St has already claimed a few cars that have driven over the top of the kerbstones to be stranded sumps damaged. I believe the council is planning better signage to avoid further damage to vehicles. 

On the subject of cyclists, the new rules that start next week ensure cyclists are given wider berths at different speeds. As a cyclist, I applaud this safety is paramount. Might I ask cyclists in turn to obey the rules and stop riding on pavements which is illegal unless a shared space. The western side of Royal Parade clearly is marked as no cycling and yet constantly the signs are disobeyed and particularly some of our older residents have had near misses! Likewise, the crossing in front of Naughtons is for pedestrians and cyclists should walk their bikes across. This again is for the safety of pedestrians. Let’s all respect each other and enjoy this great suburb.

I have had several calls regarding the demountable buildings at University High School. Having spoken to the principal, there was an urgent need for these following the fire in March that destroyed 21 classrooms and enrolment management for a growing student population. I have suggested some planting along Royal Parade and Story St, which should soften the buildings however we do understand why these were built. With a growing population planned in the new suburb of Arden there is need for a new high school in the North/West zone of Melbourne. 

Finally, subject to COVID, the association is planning our annual Christmas in July dinner. We hope to celebrate at Naughtons; however the date will only be confirmed once we know we can return!

Enjoy Parkville! •

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