Here we go again in Parkville!

Here we go again in Parkville!
Rob Moore

Last month when I wrote my column, we were heading off to VCAT … little did I think this column would be a repeat!

Starting with the City of Melbourne’s submission on the first day followed by a couple of hours on day two, the hearing finished with our local objectors presenting. They were superb; both passionate, locally focused, and factual.

After our heritage expert presented and with a couple of hours out for a VCAT management meeting we were up to the end of day three. I would love to say more but best to wait for the conclusion.

As a result, we have been listed for a further four days on March 30 and 31 and April 3 and 4. What should have been a short hearing will become a seven-day hearing.

With this, of course, comes considerable cost and the residents of Parkville have been stunning with their donations.  

More on this next month. I just wish rather than a fighting a proposal to relocate a business from East Melbourne to our quiet village we could have used the funds to help worthwhile charities!

This year as mentioned previously is the 150th anniversary of the first houses built in South Parkville. We have planned to celebrate this in style and will have a special function in October.

Part of the celebration will be the unveiling of a storyboard in Barry St celebrating Parkville and the building of Parkville Station. This should be completed in late May.

For those that have not seen the current storyboard, go and visit Barry St and see the wonderful photographs.

We will also be having other functions during the year.

A short column this month as we continue to fight the good fight!

Thank you for your support. •

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