Happy and content in East Melbourne

Happy and content in East Melbourne
Carol Saffer

Fifteen years ago, Marion Adler-Bishop divorced her husband and wanted to live in a terrace house in Richmond.

She worked with a local real estate agent to find the place of her dreams and hit a brick wall.

“The agent said she had a little rental in East Melbourne, I would like you to sit tight, put your money in the bank, and we will find something; the rest is history,” Ms Adler-Bishop said.

“I fell in love with [East Melbourne], and I’ve been here ever since.”

Ms Adler-Bishop loves the village atmosphere and the community.

She is a keen member of the East Melbourne Historical Society, the East Melbourne Network, and the East Melbourne First Sunday Luncheon club.

“Everyone is lovely and friendly; I can’t go out and walk my dog without bumping into somebody,” she said.

“There is an incredible sense of belonging; I am passionate about the gardens, the buildings and the people.”

Easily reaching the surrounding suburbs of Richmond, Collingwood and Fitzroy is another benefit she relishes, along with walking through the Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens to end up in Collins St.

“I am right in the middle of it and love it,” she said.

She spends considerable time walking the suburb taking photos and sharing on Facebook.

For the past 60 years, she was involved in running the family business The Chocolate Box and retired when it was sold just before COVID.

“I retired and will be 77 in October, and I have so much energy; I love walking and can’t help myself to take a photo and share it,” she said.

“I have no habits, no set routine; I suit myself.”

She is still in the one-bedroom flat that looks out over Darling Square.

“I think it used to be a rooming house for old men as East Melbourne was a run-down area in the past.”

She was unfamiliar with the area, only visiting it for appointments at Epworth Hospital or with medical specialists.

“That was my only exposure to East Melbourne, and now I live here; it is wonderful.” •


Caption: Marion Adler-Bishop and her dog Rosie.

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