Grattan St to open

Grattan St to open

Grattan St is scheduled to open in the middle of this year.

As part of the work area for the underground railway, it was closed for several years. Queensberry St traffic was changed to two lanes each way to compensate for the reduced cross Carlton traffic flow on the understanding that it would revert to its former capacity when Grattan St reopened.

Around three years ago the City of Melbourne advertised proposed changes to Grattan St. The works included:

  • Bike lanes protected from traffic by kerbs and parking bays.
  • Adjustments to parking to allow for bus stops and lane changes.
  • Two lanes for turns at major intersections including hook turns at Cardigan, Drummond and Lygon streets.
  • An additional bus stop between Swanston and Bouverie streets.

The Carlton Residents’ Association (CRA) agreed with the proposed changes.


An example of works to Grattan St from a council plan (Drummond to Rathdowne streets).


The roadworks from Bouverie to Rathdowne streets are almost complete with only the eastern end to be finished.

The CRA asked for the retention of historically significant basalt pitches that were to be removed from the gutters to allow for kerbside bike lanes. This was ignored.

The main photo above shows the work under way west of Lygon St.

Further west, Grattan St work from Flemington Rd to Royal Parade (between the hospitals) is almost ready to reopen.

Work from Royal Parade to Bouverie St, south of the University of Melbourne campus, that includes the new rail station is also advanced including hard landscaping, seats, bus stops and bike paths.

The photo below shows a section of these works with the new station entry on the right, a bus stop and bike lane.



Cr Dr Olivia Ball has advised the CRA that Grattan St is planned to open in “the middle of the year”. The section from Flemington Rd to Royal Parade will open in the next few weeks and Royal Parade to Bouverie St will open to bike and pedestrian traffic soon with vehicle traffic flowing when the station work is complete.

The illustration bellow prepared by the council shows bike lanes for Carlton including Grattan St.



Cr Dr Ball also informed the CRA that although “no formal decision” was made for Queensberry St reinstatement, plans were being prepared for reversion to one lane in each direction and additional trees and landscaping in the street median.

She noted that concept plans would be available for public comment in June or July. She also reported that the changes will reduce the traffic flow with reduced traffic lanes and the introduction of protected bike lanes.

The CRA wrote to Cr Dr Ball noting that existing trees should be retained and additional greening added. •

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