Glorious Parkville!

Glorious Parkville!
Rob Moore

Since my last column restrictions have been lifted and more will be in place as this is read. To the team at Naughtons, welcome back! And to Alex and her team at Cafe Piccolino, good luck with the opportunity to go to the next level! 

During October, a survey conducted by a major research company placed Parkville as the 40th most liveable suburb in Melbourne with our neighbours Carlton, Princes Hill and Carlton North well ahead of us! Small wonder I analysed the markings and found it most interesting our suburb was marked down on schools, yet we have University High in our suburb and North Melbourne Primary across the road.

Walkability when we can walk easily everywhere including the city, Carlton, Barkley Square and finally health! Within our suburb we have every possible health facility including major hospitals, dental practices, medical practices and research facilities. Naturally I write this as a fiercely proud Parkvillian and for our small and historic suburb we have the lot! 

To a more serious subject, the City of Melbourne advised residents in parts of Parkville about an amendment to the Melbourne Planning Scheme C384. This is for Inundation Overlays and the Good Design Guide for flood-affected areas in Fishermans Bend, Arden and Macaulay. This affects properties from Flemington Rd up Park Drive to Morrah St on the western side, as well as some on the corner of Park Drive and Story St. It also covers Gatehouse St up to Morrah St. It is worth reading the scheme on the council’s website.

Amendment C384 has been prepared to require that any new development is designed to ensure safety and reduce flood impact. Naturally many are concerned as although we are 148 years old as a suburb, our heritage overlay will not allow new development, but we need to know how maintenance and renovations are affected.

By the time this goes to press we will know when the council and Melbourne Water will facilitate a Zoom meeting to discuss concerns prior to a submission being prepared by late November. I clearly remember some serious flooding in 1989, however most of Melbourne was under water on the day Story St was! Luckily, we are on a slight hill!

Finally, the Parkville Association will be holding the delayed Party in the Park in March. While we come out of lockdown, the permits, entertainment and necessary crowd control take some three months to obtain so even though full lockdown ends on about November 23 we cannot have our planned event until next year! 

Enjoy November and please remember those in Parkville who live alone and love to see smiling, albeit masked, faces around Parkville. Say good day to your neighbours! •

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