Gentle Daisy “lovely company during lockdown”

Gentle Daisy “lovely company during lockdown”

Seven-year-old golden retriever Daisy and her owner Nyree were out for a walk in Carlton when Inner City News met them in July.

Since Nyree got Daisy from a breeder in country Victoria, the pair walk around the leafy suburb most days to get their daily exercise.    

“She really encourages me to walk instead of drive and she loves getting pats from others,” Nyree said.

“She’d rather hang out with people instead of other dogs.”

Although she was the runt of the litter and is quite small for her breed, Nyree said that Daisy’s temperament was what made her pick her out of the litter.

“We chose this breed because they’re very good with children and I have two so I knew that she’d be a great family dog,” Nyree said.

“She’s well behaved, we put time an effort into training her but she’s a quiet dog, very gentle, and very sweet.”

Despite having to vacuum frequently due to Daisy’s constant shedding, Nyree said that having her at home made lockdown much more bearable.

“She’s lovely company during lockdown when you have to work from home,” Nyree said •

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