From the Whoniverse to Carlton

From the Whoniverse to Carlton

Words by John Tadigiri

After receiving her as an 18th birthday present, Amelia has been inseparable from her beloved terrier-cross Clara.

Amelia moved to Carlton from Newcastle at the beginning of the year and has been enjoying taking Clara for walks around Carlton Gardens.

“We love living in Carlton, it’s a great suburb – I’m Italian so it’s great to be so close to all the Italian restaurants on Lygon St,” Amelia said.

“We love walking around Carlton Gardens because it’s a big area where she can run around and also there’s dogs for her to interact with.”

As a Dr Who fan, Clara is named after the character Clara Oswold while her brother’s dog is named Melody after the character River Song.

“We both really liked the show, so we just named them from that – it’s a bit nerdy!” Amelia said.

She said that during lockdown it had been great to have Clara as it gave her an excuse to go out for walks.

And as for her temperament, Amelia said that Clara was the “perfect dog for her”.

“I love her so much – she’s very relaxed and loves cuddling but if we’re in bed and we try to move her she gets quite grumpy,” Amelia said.

“She thinks she’s in charge but she’s not.” •

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