For all Melbournians

For all Melbournians

Are you a budding writer, artist or photographer in the inner city? We want to hear from you!

Whether it’s a haiku about Carlton Gardens or a drawing of one of Royal Park’s native birds, send your work to [email protected] and you could be featured as the Inner City Creative in our next edition.    

This month, we’re featuring a piece by local poet Gypsy Joe  …

For all Melbournians

Melbourne lockdowns ain’t that bad,
there’s no real reason to be sad,
you can read a book, or write a song,
whatever you do, there’s no right or wrong

No, sincerely folks, it’s all in the mind,
before you know it well be back to our daily grind,
the stresses will rise again, and the road rage return,
tell me folks, are those days what you long for or yearn?

Life is peculiar, a funny, changeable thing,
and these days of ours, inspires me to sing,
how nice it is, to have the time,
to sit and write, these words to make rhyme,
enjoy the peace, think about your life,
because this time is so special,

this thing we call life
and don’t compare one day to another,
just be “present”, acceptance is your brother

sure there’ll be days,
when you struggle to cope,
but stay strong my friend, there is always new hope,
this poem is for you, for all those in need,
when the chips are down, 
‘tis a good rhyme to read.

Gypsy Joe

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