First-time Carlton filmmaker makes her mark

First-time Carlton filmmaker makes her mark
Brendan Rees

A Carlton resident has spoken of her excitement after launching her very first film on a “no money” budget.

Lianne Metcalf wrote and directed One Year, a whimsical, black drama comedy about fragmented relationships between three over-the-top sisters who are coping with the memories of their childhood trauma – but walk a fine line between fantasy and reality.  

“As a mature woman with insufficient resources, this has turned out to be bloody okay!” Lianne said of the film, which was screened at Nova cinema on February 25, attracted around 80 attendees.

After an absence from artistic ventures, Leanne decided to return to study film and media at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2018 where she received a creative and vocational student of the year award.

As a mature-age woman, Lianne said she was determined to have a voice in the film industry which was predominately made up of men.

“Maturity has a voice filled with a lifetime of experiences; we must be seen to believe in this adventure of life. Usually, fantasy sits on the edge of reality,” she said.

“I’m hoping that this film gets substantial recognition to receive further funding. It’s a surreal, edgy, great Australian film with potential,” she said, which was filmed in a Collingwood studio and at a Hawthorn property.

Unfortunately, no further screenings of the film are scheduled, but Leanne said this could be possible if she received a “little bit” more funding or if someone in the community could provide a venue •

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