Council-backed greening project in East Melbourne unveiled

Sean Car

What was once a bare and stark communal open space for residents living between two Agnes St apartment complexes in East Melbourne, has been transformed into a green oasis, thanks to the support of the City of Melbourne.

As part of the fourth round of Urban Forest Fund grants provided by the council, the owners’ corporation of an Agnes St apartment building in East Melbourne received $38,050 to green what was once a hostile concrete communal area.

Located in between two 1970s apartment buildings, the site represented one of few opportunities to green a significant parcel of land in the Jolimont area, while creating an inviting space for locals.

And the results truly speak for themselves. The beautiful new space, comprising nearly 200 sqm of green coverage, was unveiled on January 25 at an event attended by residents and the council’s environment portfolio chair Cr Rohan Leppert.

Resident Matthew Sacco said the Agnes Street Garden project had made “an instant impact in all senses”.

“It’s now much more attractive visually and the greenery has attracted birds and insects,” Mr Succo said.


You don’t need a big open space to contribute to urban cooling and biodiversity – every balcony, courtyard and rooftop counts.


“We can’t wait to see the garden mature – for the canopies to shade more of the space and the flowers to attract new wildlife.”

“We thank the City of Melbourne for continuing its positive influence, helping residents and businesses to maximise their green space in an urban environment.”




Lord Mayor Sally Capp said it was fantastic to see the first of its 2022 Urban Forest Fund projects come to life, “bringing a brand-new green oasis to the doorstep of the people who live, work and play in and around East Melbourne”.

“The Agnes Street Garden Project has created nearly 200m2 of new green cover, while improving the biodiversity of the area by introducing native and indigenous species such as the Coastal Banksia and Nodding Saltbush.”

“What was once a cold and concrete communal area is now brimming with life – attracting more insects and wildlife and creating a welcoming place for locals to gather and connect.”

“We know that boosting nature in the city is important to our communities, and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to green a significant pocket of land in the Jolimont area.” •

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